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We want to give emerging artists a space to create their art, check out our theatre performances and support local and emerging artists!

Mama Di’s Baby Food Presents

The Legend of 9/11

Hollywood. It can’t come up with original ideas and feeds off the money of the pandered public. Watch as a film falls apart while a greedy executive tries desperately to squeeze every coin out of the tragic events of 9/11. A wonderful satire penned by Mason Arsenault, Mama Di’s Baby Food Presents the Legend of 9/11, this show will not let up on the jokes, have your sides hurting, and mind tingling after experiencing this show September 11-15 2024.

Musical Theatre Cabaret

A night of musical theatre delights to serenade the ear. Come see the wonderful talent Lethbridge has to offer with including a sneak peak at Nic Shermans new Musical. Enjoy some of the classics as well as some of the niche pieces for the die hard fans. 



An absurd comedy that follows the journey of a gay man learning to accept his sexuality. While shopping for pants to wear to his upcoming first date with a guy, the man is surprised that the perfect pair of pants have become impossible to remove. Worse for him, the pants can talk… and are very homophobic. Pants is a ridiculous play full of laughs, puppets, big twists, and turns that might leave you confused, but more than entertained. 


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