I Hear Abel Singin’ in the Field

When two brothers come to odds and end in the middle of a prairie field, the blood boils and he who has sinned first throws the stone. A love story to Still Stands the House meets Cain and Abel with a dash of The Tell Tale Heart, Jess Syratt has captured a raw and dynamic chasm of poetry and is gratefully releasing it with Experience Theatre April 21-24 2024.

Content Warning *Violence, Suicidal Ideations, Prop Gun/Gunshot

Written by Jess Syratt
Directed by Carson Rafuse
Designed by Autumn Adrian (Costumes), Jesse Thibert (Set), Xavier Michaud (Lights), Jess Syratt (Sound)
Stage Manger: Jackson Paquette
Music Director: Jess Syratt
Choir: Jess Syratt, Cait Syratt
Starring: Aiden Boon, Logan Hockley, and Jesse Thibert

Mama Di’s Baby Food Presents The Legend of 9/11

Hollywood. It can’t come up with original ideas and feeds off the money of the pandered public. Watch as a film falls apart while a greedy executive tries desperately to squeeze every coin out of the tragic events of 9/11. A wonderful satire penned by Mason Arsenault, Mama Di’s Baby Food Presents the Legend of 9/11, this show will not let up on the jokes, have your sides hurting, and mind tingling after experiencing this show September 11 – 15 2024.

Written by Mason Arsenault
Directed by Logan Hockley
Designed by Autumn Adrian (Set)
Stage Manger: Could be you!
Starring: Could be you!
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Pants is an absurd comedy that follows the journey of a gay man learning to accept his sexuality. While shopping for pants to wear to his upcoming first day with a guy, the man is surprised that the perfect pair of pants have become impossible to remove. Worse for him, the pants can talk… and are very homophobic. Pants is a ridiculous play full of laughs, puppets, big twists, and turns that might leave you confused, but more than entertained.

Director: Logan Hockley
Stage Manager: Brooke Jenkins
Set Designer: Ahona Sanyal
Lighting Designer: Gen Matsuzaka
Costume Designer: Reese Cox
Puppet Designer: Autumn Adrian
Intimacy Director: Kade Carter
Actors: Brice Popielarz. Achilles Friesen, Nor Trinh, Reign Dyer, Griffin Evans, & Caiden Cline


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